Domaine Viticole
Appellation d'Origine Protégée
Côtes de Provence

Clos de Caille

Located in Entrecasteaux, in the heart of the Côtes de Provence wine-producing region, the Clos de Caille is a family vineyard which limited production favours qualitative excellence.

Throughout the centuries, the complexity of a clay-limestone soil and the mildness of the Meditterranean climate have blessed our land with the optimal conditions to create eminent wines.

Under the impulse of the Mariotti family, owner of the vineyard for two generations, the Clos de Caille unveils the generosity of a unique soil thanks to its daily efforts.

Faced with such an altruistic nature, the search for constant quality is our dear responsibility.

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Welcome to the Clos de Caille's online boutique.

our Côtes de Provence wines
and Extra-Virgin Olive Oils.

In order to guide your browsing,
we take pride in sharing the tasting notes of
Jean-Pierre Rous, France's Master Sommelier.

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